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Face Gel Cleanser with Chios Mastiha and Oligoelements
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Face Gel Cleanser with Chios Mastiha and Oligoelements


    Face gel cleanser for care & rejuvenation with mild surfactants based on amino acids, natural moisturizing factors, mastiha water & oil, Provitamin B5 & oligoelements.

    Contains: Chios Mastiha oil(essential oil derived from mastiha, which is the resin of Chios mastiha tree (Pistacia lentiscus var. chia) offering significant antimicrobial & healing properties), mastiha water, Cocoglucosides, natural moisturizing factors, trace elements Cu, Mn, Zn, vitamin PP, provitamin B5.

    Action: Liquid soap cleanser for all types of skin. Cleanses effectively without irritating, removes the dirties, dead cells, excess of sebum and make-up. Mastiha provides a mild antiseptic action. The natural moisturizing factors and glucosides moisturize the skin while the trace elements of Cu, Mn, Zn & provitamin B5 regulate the sebum secretion and offer a bright and beautiful epidermis.

    Use: Apply on the face and make rich foam with water. Massage gently with hands by circular movements and rinse off with water. Repeat it during the day if needed.



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