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Agro Creta EVOO Organic
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Agro Creta EVOO Organic


    Organic Extra virgin olive oil from the island of Crete
    Agro Creta’s produces a genuine, unadulterated product from family farms produced and packed according to strict quality assurance practices. Agro Creta wants to give you the chance to taste the real olive oil as it was made by their ancestors.

    Agro Creta's organic (BIO) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified by TUV Nord and is presented in a format that communicates its purity. The whole process of olive oil production from cultivation (includes farming) to packaging is certified organic. It is truly an eco-loving product, made through production processes that enhance bio diversity. Hand-picked Koroneiki & Tsounati olive varieties, with a mild & balanced flavour ideal for salads cooking & marinating.